Honestly, I feel like I spend an unfortunate amount of time talking to my friends about weight loss. It's mostly unfortunate because, despite how much time we gab about it over giant bowls of pasta, few of us rarely actually try to eat healthier. (Except for my friend Kim, who has lost almost 40 pounds in three months on the Eat to Live Diet. I'm so proud of her!) But one woman had the guts to actually change her weight...and the gumption to document it.

Photographer Julia Kozerski formally documented her weight loss and struggles through the NSFW photo series Half. But during the process, she also took photos of herself in dressing room mirrors. The top photo is at the beginning of her diet, and here's Julia one year later:

Scroll through the gallery to see the amazing transition of over just a year! These photos are truly inspirational, and make me want to actually work towards achieving a healthy body that I feel more comfortable in. Perhaps I will manage to stay away from those pasta bowls from now on... [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of this project?