I don’t try and hide the fact that I am absolutely terrible at doing my own hair. Even my simplest of ponytails often wind up looking ridiculous, and most days I’m lucky if I brush my mane before 2:00. (I work from home, OK?) Which means that I often pay no attention to articles touting the “newest hairstyles of the season.” But Elle compiled some ‘dos for Fall 2012, and I actually really like them! (Especially the hair ornaments trend, seen above, that I can easily put together.) Check out some of the looks by clicking here!

Apparently blonde is the big color for this season, specifically “cooler, icy blondes and creamy white highlights.” Alas, this is one look I will not be participating in, unless I want my dark, dark tresses to fall out from bleaching. Head on over to the source to see even more styles! [via Elle]

Which of these hair trends is your favorite?