Have you ever thought about trying some strange eyeliner style or dramatic lip look that you saw in an editorial or on a runway, but opted not to because you were nervous that it might look strange? Don’t be afraid! As long as you love the style you’re wearing, you’ll be able to pull it off. This season’s runways were positively covered in weird, fascinating makeup that’s not just for the models; everybody can go for it! Whether it’s for a party, music festival, fashion event or just because you feel like it, there are tons of ways to try out bright, fun makeup. 


You know those people who can wear the out-there makeup, hair or clothing styles and look incredible? It’s partially because they look great that way, but also because they’re confident enough to wear them. My friend Sarah (above) is one of those people. She wears these giant feather lashes, face paint, dots under her eyes, all in beautiful colors and paired with all sorts of fashion. And everything looks wonderful on her because she’s comfortable and truly happy in them.

So, if you’re in the mood for something new and are ready to rock an odd-but-awesome style, check some of these looks out!

Double-winged liner has been around for a while and it can go one of two ways: super subtle or ultra-noticeable. In my opinion, the more subtle, the better the effect is. If you’re not huge on wearing lots of makeup but want to try something different, this is a great option. Simply draw on a thin line of liquid liner very close to lashes and give a little flick at the end for the wing. Then, either draw another line from halfway along the lid outwards again with the same flick (only higher up) or, if you like the look above, go all the way from the eye’s inner corner to the outer one and flick upwards. The key to this look is using an extremely thin, precise brush 

Bright, matte blue liner is one of my favorite insta-bold looks to do on anybody. It looks great with any skin tone, it draws attention away from any area on the face that you may be insecure about (but doesn’t draw out redness the way some shades of red or bright pink lipstick can) and it can range from playfully done to being an edgy club look. At Anna Sui, a harlequin style was chosen for liner.

To get this look, you can use a thin true blue pencil — there are tons of inexpensive brands that carry these, but I remember that NYC’s $1-2 ones were surprisingly wonderful — and warm the tip between your index finger and thumb. Then, gently drag it across your lid then out and outwards once you’re at the outer corner. After that, thicken up the line towards the outer edge while still keeping the point at the end out the wing. Then, re-warm the liner and draw a small circle in the center of bottom lashes. If you’re more comfortable with liquid liner for this look (which is what I would use, but I know lots of people dislike using it), try Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner in Diamond Turquoise Blue and use the same steps, minus the warming-between-fingers bit (that could get messy). Pair this look with clear lip balm or pale gloss on lips, minimal blush and only one coat of mascara. You want it to look crisp and modern, while anything beyond simply defined lashes will make it look too overdone.

If you’ve always wanted to try neon pink lips like Emma Stone or Nicki Minaj, there’s no better time than the present. A great way to get this look without a ton of work is to use a chubby pencil like Sephora’s Ultra Vinyl one. Before applying lipstick, be sure to exfoliate your lips using either a special lip exfoliant like Bliss’ Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub or simply put on a layer of lip balm and very gently scrub it off with a soft washcloth or an unused soft-bristle toothbrush. Then, apply another layer of lip balm and wait for a bit while your lips absorb it. If you want a super crisp line, you can put a little bit of foundation powder along your lip line, but it’s not necessary. Then, just draw along your natural lip line with the pencil; you can always go back and accentuate your Cupid’s bow if you so choose later. Fill in, then blot lightly.

Gold eyeshadow looks amazing on just about everybody. It contrasts with every eye color (unless you’re a Cullen or whatever) and it adds that extra bit of glamour that you may want — especially for a fall or winter party when the colors of dresses and makeup are often a bit less fun than in the summer. I prefer to use a soft, luxe gold shadow for my own eyes, such as MAC’s in Goldenrod. I love it because it blends beautifully and shows up on all skin tones. For the exact look above, use minimal blush, just a hint of lip balm, a bit of liner along the waterline of your eyes (I’m not a huge fan of putting eyeliner along the inner lashline) and two coats of a lengthening mascara. Also, brush your brows to neaten them up, but don’t fill them in anymore than you usually might. And there you’ll have it: a simple, wearable and unique look.

Face jewels may seem like a thing of your past, destined to stay in your seventh grade locker along with butterfly clips and Bath & Body Works blue raspberry face shimmer. However, they can add an incredible statement to your look when done well. The most important thing is to keep the look simple and sweet without too much added makeup. Apart from preventing a glittertastrophe (glittastrophe? I don’t know what made-up word sounds better, but I like the idea, in a way) from occurring on your face, it also makes practical sense: the more makeup you wear, the more you’ll sweat which will make your face jewels come off quicker. When using these, I prefer to use smaller ones (the larger ones tend to look too Pretty Pretty Princess-y) and keep it asymmetrical. If keeping it balanced is your thing, however, try to use only 1-2 jewels per eye.

As a side note: don’t use these to make yourself a Cindy Lauper/Monroe mole. It will look silly. People will think something is oozing near your mouth.

Fun false eyelashes are an amazing way to get an interesting look quickly and without using many products. If you’re going out to a dark night club or concert, these work wonders for your eyes’ definition. There are tons of amazing ones at Sephora, MAC and (perhaps best of all because they’re the cheapest yet still look lovely!) ELF. Be sure to use a good glue; the ones included with the lashes are rarely good enough to withstand more than an hour or so. I usually use Duo’s because it’s inexpensive yet still works wonderfully. The key to making them look great is to trim them to your eye shape; if you have smaller eyes and a huge false eyelash on them, you’ll look like a preteen who got into her big sister’s stuff. If you happen to want a more subtle look, trim them to be just about 1/3 – 1/2 of your eye’s length and only place them towards the outer edge. They’ll make your eye look more almond-shaped, perfect for winged liner and a sultry look. Personally, I don’t use these for everyday use; since they can be a little frustrating, I save ’em for special occasions.

If you like these styles and want to see more ideas, check out the gallery below!

Lovelies, how do you feel about out-there makeup? Are there any styles that you’d like to try? How about any that you’ve already done and loved? Let us know!

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