Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. But unlike Christmas or Easter, it really doesn't have any special movies people watch to celebrate it. But that may completely change this year with Frankenweenie, a frickin' adorable-looking movie about a boy who decides to bring his old dog back from the Great Beyond. 

This movie is definitely rocking my socks, not just because it involves a really cute stitched-up puppy (whoseacutepuppy? WHOSEACUTEPUPPY???). I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, and this film is actually based on a short film Tim Burton put together over a decade ago. Which could qualify this movie as a recycled idea from Hollywood, but I'm not so sure. Burton's short was released in a completely different format than this version, and probably only Burton freaks like myself will get the connection. So I think it passes the test!

I think I just passed out from cuteness overload.

But really, think this film will probably resonate best with older kids. Mostly because it appears that the main events are propelled by a kid learning about what death really means, which is a really brave subject for an animated film to tackle. We've all had the discussion with our parents about it, but often it takes kids a little while to really let the concept really sink in. Sometimes it even takes an up-close-and-personal encounter with death, like in this movie. Or like that classic scene in Kill Bill: Volume 2...

Like Rise of the Guardians, this definitely looks like a good film to take a younger sibling to (if you're sure they won't get scared by the whole Frankenstein-ish theme, of course). But then again, my boyfriend has already said he'd go with me, so I don't know... Anyway, enjoy this preview!

Do you think you'll see Frankenweenie? What are your favorite movies to watch around Halloween?

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