There is nothing wrong with perfectly round curls to get you through your work day or date night, but I for one, am on the edge of major boredom when it comes to curling my hair. Sure you can make every other curl go in the opposite direction of the previous one, but that’s about as much variety as you are going to get…or is it?

I have discovered 6 new types of curling irons that allow you to have fun and be creative with your curls. Now, you can have tresses similar to stars like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively or Salma Hayek and without a ton of effort. 

The great thing about these curling irons is that they are designed to give you a style that looks polished, yet effortless and therefore, you need not worry if a curl or two does not end up being absolutely perfect.

Here are 6 different types of curling irons and the result that each will give you:

The Goody Heat Wave Creator
This iron will give your hair the naturally wavy look with your strands being tight in some spots and loose in others. To get the full effect of what this curling iron can do, you must make sure your hair is spread evenly over the entire rod of the iron.

The Tigi Bed Head Curlipops 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hourglass Styling Iron
The narrow center of this iron allows you to create a messy, just-got-out-of-bed-looking-this-good look. If you want very subtle waves with no volume at the top, this is the choice for you.

The Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa
Unlike the common curling iron, this one has a mini clamp as well as left and right buttons (for the side of your head that you are working on) that rolls your hair away from the face, all with a simple press of the “Go” button. Making loose and beachy waves has never been easier than this.

Rsession Tools Nalu Waver 3/4″ Dual Barrel Styling System
This iron is good for multiple looks depending how you choose to use it. If you feel like making deep, dramatic waves, simply weave sections of hair in a figure-eight pattern along the rod and hold. If tight curls is what you are looking for, only wrap your hair around one rod and if you are having a loopy waves kind of day, wrap your strands around both rods.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Waving Wand
Short-haired girls rejoice! This iron is best for short hair because instead of causing the hair to expand and look big, it lets the waves fall downward. Wrap your hair around the oval shaped barrel like you would any other curling iron and enjoy the romantic, polished look.

Sultra Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron
The textured barrel on this iron grips your hair so that you can get an even twist along the whole length of the strands. Best for corkscrew curls or waves that are loose at the top and tight at the bottom, the curling iron is almost fool proof and the closest in results to the regular curling iron.

So Lovelies, Which new styling irons have you tried and which would you like to try?

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