I was a Sesame Street freak when I was a little one. I watched it every day that it was on. My favorite was always Elmo (BTW I highly suggest you watch that documentary on netflix about the guy who created Elmo... soooooo good), but I was always intrigued by Cookie Monster. But not so much with him as a character, I was interested in his cookies. I had eaten cookies before, but I remember thinking "Why is he freaking out over those cookies? What is so special about them... I mean, cookies are delicious but geez, this dude is freaking out!"

I have always had a pretty severe sweet tooth, which later in life has become an obsession with baking. Before I started writing for Lovelyish, I had a baking blog, which is a perfect excuse to bake all the time. Friends an testify that I make a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie, but it never hurts to have another recipe under my belt. This cookie dough recipe was printed in the 1970's book, Big Bird’s Busy Book, with an intro from the cookie-crazed monster himself. I can't wait to try this recipe!

You can see a larger version here.

Will you try this recipe? What is your favorite kind of cookie?
If you have a favorite recipe, please share in the comments!

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