I have a number of cyclist friends, and while many of them are intelligent and practical people, when it comes to helmets, lots aren't. Everyone should be wearing headgear while biking, though I can understand why some people don't. Helmets tend to be bulky, uncomfortable and they can mess up your hairdo. (Personally, I'll take all the drawbacks for decent noggin protection.) But now people don't have to choose between style and function, because two Swedish women have invented an "invisible" bike helmet! Check out how it works by clicking here.

The Hövding "helmet" has sensors in its collar that "detect unusual movements by the wearer." That way if you're wearing one and fall off a bike, an airbag will pop out of the collar and protect your dome. (Just hope you never accidentally trip while walking in it.)

The product is only currently for sale in Europe...and you'll have to shell out about $595 for one. Nonetheless, if $600 is the difference between someone not wearing a helmet and putting one on, I say it's worth it.

Head on over to the source to get even more information! [via Bloomberg Businessweek]

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