When USA's lithe ladies won the gold at the London 2012 Women's Gymnastic Team Final two nights ago, we were reminded that the accolade hasn't been reached by our country since The Magnificent Seven captured the title 16 years ago. In 1996, I became entranced in gymnastics because of these extraordinary athletes. My eyes were glued to Dominique Moceanu, Amy Chow and Shannon Miller as they flipped and dismounted their way to the first team gold medal ever for America.

What have these phenomenal Olympians been up to since they dominated the gymnastics world? See what they look like now!

Here are the ladies now, minus Dominique Dawes. And the tall girl on the right? Oh, just the former tiniest girl in the world, Dominique Moceanu! Click through the gallery to see what endeavors the gymnasts have accomplished since striking gold. They are only in the early 30s, which means that their victory took place nearly half of their lifetime ago!

Gymnasts tend to peak at a very young age; the resurgence of Romanian gymnast Cătălina Ponor in this year's Olympics games was huge. After winning gold in Athens 2004, she retired last year only to return to the sport this year for one last Olympiad. At age 24, Ponor is considered past her prime in the typical gymnast's lifetime. But female gymnasts as old as 35 and 46 have competed in the event and medaled!

Don't forget to watch the All-Around Gymnastics Final tonight on NBC! Go Gabby and Aly!

Did you watch The Magnificent Seven in Atlanta 1996? How do they compare to the new team champions?

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