Just take a look at the judges' reaction to McKayla Maroney's vault from yesterday's Women's Gymnastic Team Finals. That look says it all. If you haven't yet witnessed the vault that dropped jaws around the world, click through to marvel at Maroney's sole event that propelled her to the Olympics.

Vault was USA's first event, with McKayla Maroney's powerhouse performance anchoring the team. If Jordyn Weiber and Gabby Douglas didn't wow the crowd enough and already set the tone for USA's journey to the medal stand, Maroney's vault left audiences in awe and has ignited outrage across the world for its imperfect score. With the best score according to difficulty being 16.5, the judges gave Maroney a 16.233. The announcers themselves were incensed by the deductions and proclaimed an injustice in the scoring.

McKayla Maroney without a doubt delivered her best vault to date when it mattered the most. This is the ONLY event that Maroney participated in, meaning her trip to the Olympics rested solely in this vault. Her height off the vault, her form while flying in the air, and the stick at the end made for a stunning five seconds of flawless gymnastics. She is now a bona fide Olympic champion who produced the night's most memorable performance.

But Maroney's score was nonetheless amazing and lifted the team's spirit even higher, leading them to the first team gold medal since the Magnificent Seven in Atlanta's 1996 Olympics.

Watch Maroney's vault!

Were you watching the Women's Gymnastic Team Final last night? What were some of your favorite moments?

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