Daniel Tosh, star of Tosh.O on Comedy Central, has recently gotten some deserved flack from a situation that transpired less than a week ago. Following a slew of rape jokes during his stand-up gig at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, the comedian called out a female heckler by suggesting how funny it would be if she were gang-raped. The story went viral after her friend posted the entire break-down of events on her Tumblr.

Now that Tosh has issued a lukewarm apology, has he given more careful thought to his material choice?

According to Buzzfeed, Brickleberry, a new show produced and voiced by Daniel Tosh, debuted on Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego. With all of the negative publicity surrounding Tosh that week, viewers anticipated the show to be rape joke-free. LOL, NOT REALLY! RAPE STILL SO FUNNY. The show featured a scene in which a man is caught graphically raping a bear. The co-creator told Buzzfeed that the show's team was not concerned about the recent controversy.

First off, rape has no gender distinction. Rape is rape, no matter the sex of the victim or the attacker. The fact that Tosh is scraping by with bear rape jokes suggests that maybe he feels only women are offended, so he's taking them out of the picture. How about cutting out rape entirely?

Has Daniel Tosh forever been in a dry spell for good material? The "equal-opportunity offender" concept is beyond me, and the fact this it is beyond me probably classifies me to some people as a sensitive bitch with no sense of humor. A horribly high percentage of women have been sexually assaulted and are still struggling with the damage. Part of this damage stems from victim blaming and authorities turning a blind eye, as sexual assault is still the most under-prosecuted crime. Only 3% of rapists spend a day in jail. There is no simple way to recover from rape when no one takes you seriously, your attacker runs free and it is deemed acceptable for the public to joke about such an act.

The fact that Daniel Tosh has managed to progressively grow bigger in popularity because of his offensive manner has underlying effects. If he is paid millions to joke about rape and an audience cries laughing at the punchline, then what harm is there to be seen in his approach? Trivializing rape can lead to rape apologists and tolerable rape culture. Sexual assault is deplorably common; there is no need to make jokes about it just as common.

It is clear that Tosh prides himself on tasteless and offensive jokes, and his biggest fans love it. His devotees started the #iheartrapejokes hashtag in his defense of the Tumblr post and some tweeted "I didn't think daniel tosh was funny till he made fun of rape" and "All these people hating on #tosh could really use a good raping". (HOW IS THIS FUNNY? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.) So if he gives up this shtick that has essentially shaped his brand of humor, what material will he have left to fall back on?

What is your opinion on rape jokes? Do you find Daniel Tosh's sense of humor funny?

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