If there's anything I've learned trying new things on my own hair, it's that sometimes subtle experimenting is the best way to figure out what color suits you best. And I think Taylor Swift might be taking that notion to heart, as her new shoot for Cover Girl features a very believable new hair color: a rich light brown. And while we can't say 100% whether it's a wig or just a new hue — I have to say, I'm a fan. Take a look at her new 'do below

Taylor traded out her typical warm makeup palette for a cool concept in this new shoot. And you know, just speculating but it looks legit. Could Taylor be daring to try something new, a la her last-minute bangs from the Vogue shoot (pictured above)?

But more importantly, lovelies: Do you like Taylor's new color? Or would she look better darker... or should she just have stayed blonde?

[via huffpost]