Just the mere thought of a cupcake makes me crave one - yeah, I'm that addicted. Addicted enough that I left all of my baking supplies in another friend's dorm room just so I wouldn't be tempted to whip up a batch of my own famous cupcakes. And by famous I mean I do an extremely good job of reading the directions on the Pillsbury box.

When I saw this Buzzfeed post, I instantly clicked on it excited to see some well...interesting cupcake flavors.

For starters, any qualms about taste aside, most of these are miniature and adorable. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I Pined a few of them to my Pinterest 'so cute' board just on looks alone. But looks aren't everything, these ARE real cupcakes after all.

With that in mind, I'm hoping for a what I like to call 'chocolate pretzel effect': the salty and sweet of most of these bizarre combinations will work wonderfully rather than disgustingly. And I have a slight suspicion that not all of these cupcakes actually list 'cake' as an ingredient...

Here are a few of my favorites (mostly based on looks, but somewhat based on imagined taste):

How could I resist the pizza cupcake? The mini pepperoni? So adorable. Though I think I'd prefer mine with plain cheese.

The lasagna cupcake makes me instantly crave pasta. And cheese, more and more cheese...

Speaking of cheese? Mac & cheese cupcake. Yeah, I definitely have a craving today. But the bow ties are delectable looking!

The little chicken wing on the buffalo chicken cupcake says it all for me. If that's ranch dressing for frosting, I would just about squeal with excitement. So clever!

My ultimate favorite = the popcorn cupcake... I love popcorn almost as much as I love cupcakes. Will the two work well together? I'm iffy, but so so willing to find out.

I think it's time to go recipe hunting!

Check out the rest of these odd cupcake combinations here

Lovelies, would you try any of these cupcakes? What's the weirdest cupcake flavor you can think of?