I spent 8 years in the professional hair industry. I’ve been to my fair share of technique classes and done my fair share of formal ‘dos. Traditional curls with a curling iron look like just that, traditional, so in my training I gravitated toward curling with a flatiron. But those curls still, admittedly don’t look like natural curls. They look like really elegant, voluminous barrel curls that last a lot longer than your average curling-iron curls, but they’re definitely not the organic curls that occur naturally for some ladies.

So how, then, does a gal with straight hair achieve natural-looking curls with volume to boot? YouTube personality (and multi-talented singer of Karmin) Amy Heidemann has an amazing solution I’d never have thought up on my own. Take a look at the tutorial below! 

Now, sure, it takes a minute. But if you’ve ever spent a half-hour curling your hair, only to have mediocre results that fall flat after a few hours, you know that achieving curls isn’t for the faint of heart. I believe — since the hair is touching the heat more evenly than the “wrapping” method would — you probably stand to gain some serious mileage for your work with this style. And hey, most of us (I’m guessing) don’t have even as much hair as she does, so it’s a little less daunting. I know I’ll be pulling out my old curling iron and giving this method a whirl next chance I get. [source]

Lovelies, would you try this curling technique? Straight-haired ladies: What methods have you tried to achieve natural-looking curls?