The Little Mermaid film definitely captured my attention as a little girl. A good chunk of it was due to the octo-lady villain Ursula. She was powerful, strong, and voluptuous. Though that last feature's about to change... 

This is all part of a new collection of Disney beauty products and dolls for Disney, aptly named the Disney Villains Designer Collection. I have to admit, it all looks pretty awesome. High fashion meets classic Disney villains? Cool! But why would have been wrong with giving Ursula a little more curvature Just to be true to the character? They at least tried with Joan Holloway...

The skinny-fying of Ursula is distressing in a number of ways, and not just because of the body image implications pointed out by few feminist blogs (which are awesome, in my opinion). This move betrays the entire philosophy behind Ursula. She was unique in a lot of ways for a Disney villain. She was a lady with a sexy deep voice. She actually loved her eels Flotsam and Jetsam. But it was a very unusual move for Disney to create a role for an overweight character. Sure, you could argue that the message of a skinny woman as the heroine and a larger woman as the villain is messed up (oh you know I'm already there in my head). But the point is, Ursula was there. She was present in the Disney catalog, working her wicked ways and strutting her sassy stuff. She was there for little girls to see whenever they watched the movie (and for them to see being played by Queen Latifah in awesome photo collections when they grew up!). This collection makes her a whole new woman. As in unrecognizable.

Let's also not forget that Ursula has a much-less-famous-but-skinny sister! What if doll buyers get mixed up and think thy're buying Morgana? They're already voiced by the same actress, sheesh.

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What do you think of the new Ursula, Lovelies? Do you think her new shape is good or bad?