Betsey Johnson is perhaps one of my favorite designers. Even though she's pushing 70, she still has a knack for incorporating the quirkiest pieces into her collections that just scream funky and unique. So when I visited her website today and came across this image, my heart somewhat fluttered. I know the company has been struggling with bankruptcy issues for a while now, and while it makes me sad to come to this realization, it also means it's time for me to go shopping

It kills me to overindulge and spend tons of money on a single item, but when it comes to Betsey, I find ways to make exceptions. And now that pretty much everything is on sale, it makes me feel less guilty to add items to my online cart that I've been drooling over for quite some time.

Check out some of these adorable Betsey Johnson sale items featured on the site. Will you load up on merchandise?