Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley, better known as Jwoww, has debuted a new tattoo on the cover of the conveniently named 'Inked' magazine. Jwoww now has a large image of a tiger located on her right hip. This will be the second of her two larger tattoos, rivaling the dragon on her rib cage.

According to an interview by Inked, Jwoww wanted a new tattoo to complement the dragon she already had on her hipbone. A tiger and dragon represent good and evil, so the tiger is meant to balance out the other side of her body. As an art student in college herself, Jenni tries to find the meaning behind symbols and express herself in art, art that happens to appear on her body.

Personally, I don't see the meaning behind her tattoos all that much.... but what really matters is that Jwoww herself believes in them and got the tattoos with a purpose in mind rather than just because she felt like it. As long as she is happy, who are we to judge?

Lovelies, what is your take on Jwoww's new ink? Would you get a tattoo similar to hers?

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