Tree houses have progressively grown in popularity for the outdoor types who are still kids at heart. I still dream of living in a tree house someday and this selection of abodes from around the world definitely inspire me to lift up off the ground.

Modern as they are, I still want a pulley-system like the Swiss Family Robinson. And I'd like to add that Now & Then was extremely misleading— cute pink tree houses do not cost $129.95! I don't care about the matter of inflation; don't crush a little girl's arbor-esque hopes.

Following the jump are fascinating houses built around nature, including some peeks indoors.

Featured before on Lovelyish, the Minister's Treehouse in Crossville, TN is the world record holder for largest tree house. Over 100 ft. tall and spanning 11 years of construction, the house is not officially open to the public and suffers acts of vandalism from trespassers.

Fox in the Pine featured their visit to Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington. Visit for some beautiful pictures of their stay and nearby houses.

The mirrored tree hotel in Sweden! The ultimate secret getaway is covered in infrared film to prevent bird collisions.

Head towards the gallery for more eclectic tree houses!

Did you have a tree house as a child? Which featured tree house is your favorite?

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