My closet is full of flip flops. I love them, I can't help myself. They are quick to throw on, show off my painted toes, and are both conventional and cute.

My feet, however, don't seem to love them. Then again, my feet don't seem to love any shoe I sensitive skin, I seem to have sensitive feet as well.

I already wrote an entire post about my love of sneakers (even though sneakers are what inadvertently caused my toenail to fall off a few weeks ago) but I thought it was time to pay homage to flip flops, summer's favorite shoe, and consequently on the 4th of July no less! So, without further ado, here is my pro and con list for wearing flip flops.

- They are effortless to wear. No straps or laces, just slip these babies on and go!
- They come in every color and design imaginable. Whether you want leopard print or plain old pink, you can find numerous different designs in any shade you want and by virtually any designer.
- You can get them for ridiculously cheap. Not only are Old Navy's infamous flip-flops budget friendly, they are also pretty comfy. Plus, the cheaper they are, the more pairs you can buy!
- You can sport a cute pedicure and show the world your snazzy toes. Which can quickly turn into a con if you lose a toenail (see above).
- They can be both casual or dressy. I know not everyone will agree with this, but you can dress flip flops up or down to fit an outfit. I probably wouldn't advise wearing them to a wedding, but they are versatile enough to be worn for nearly everything from a date to a trip to the beach.

- The straps can hurt! Thong flip flops don't always agree with my feet. Not only does the middle strap often cause cuts in between my toes, I even end up with blisters from the side straps. Maybe this is just me, but I have dealt with a lot of trial and error in finding the right pair, and even then, they can unexpectedly betray me.
- They can fall apart easily. While most pairs are relatively cheap, it means they also are at risk to fall apart.
- Your feet will inevitably get dirty. I have never experienced this more than I have since living in New York City. One word: gross. I have to bathe my feet for at least five minutes some days!
- They can often be thought of as too casual. While I don't mind wearing flip flops on a day to day basis, some people wouldn't be caught dead in them outside of the beach. Personally, I think those people are missing out on a lovely shoe, but we can agree to disagree.
- They don't always provide the best support. Flip flops are not made to do a five mile walk in. I once walked over seventy city blocks in a pair of plain old thong flip flops, and my feet were not happy about it once I returned home.

I like to live by the adage 'no pain no gain.' Since nearly any shoe gives me issues, I might as well make sure my toes look damn cute when I'm hurting! I'll just make sure to never wear flip flops again on a long walk...

Lovelies, what is your take on flip flops? Love them or simply too casual?

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