I recently logged into Facebook to find a message from a friend reading, "This site has amazingly cute blouses that are super affordable. Plus, free shipping and your first purchase you get 20% off." "This site" was Romwe, an online boutique that offers stylish, affordable clothing (and a number of sentences that seem to have been mistranslated). While some people have been decrying cheap fashion, if you're on a budget, this China-based store may be perfect for your wallet. See some of my favorite items from it here!

As a follow-up, my friend recently texted me that she, "got all [her] stuff from that Romwe site, and holy smokes the quality of the tops are awesome. AND they all fit well." While I have yet to buy anything from there (blame the plane tickets I recently purchased for a friend's birthday), coming from her it's a ringing endorsement!

What do you think of the site? Which items do you like best?

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