For a long time, celebrities have lent their faces to advertising. It is a lot less common now, but in the past, product companies depended on these celebrity endorsements. Presently, we are a lot more likely to see people we feel we can relate to - 'Look at that woman doing the dishes, she is just like me! A regular person doing the dishes!"

If you see a current celebrity in an advertisement these days, its usually some obscure Japanese ad, like this one Wes Anderson made with Brad Pitt or hair color commercials like this awkward one with Tina Fey (what is up with that skirt?! She can't even get through the door!).

Now, we search all over the Internet and flip through magazines to find out what products certain celebrities use and get behind. And yes, to be fair, the celebrities in these ads were paid to back these products, so in a way, they are sell-outs. However, I do think that doing endorsements were just part of the game back then. And I gotta say, somehow these ads do make me want products that don't exists anymore. Is Liz Taylor really selling me shampoo I can't have with one look?! Dang, she's good!

Here are some awesome vintage celebrity endorsements.

Woody Allen.

Lucille Ball.

Do you think that endorsing products makes you a sell out or do you think it's just part of being a celebrity?

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