People associate the British royal family with tradition, glamour, nobility, and romance. And lately, it's been all about the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sigh...

Yup, Kate's become an overnight sensation with royal family fans (we all remember the hubbub over the royal wedding!). But now the Queen says that Kate now has to curtsey to princesses of the blood (those who were born princesses). In other words, she has to acknowledge her "inferiority" to her cousins in law.

This really dates back to English royal tradition, where certain customs were in place to respect a strict hierarchy. It's a complex system based on marriages, births, who's in line for the throne, and in this case, if someone's husband is present with them. Technically, the Queen is just enforcing something that has been in place for thousands of years, and the she herself follows — basically, without Prince William around, Kate is still considered a commoner, and has to act as such. There's a great example in this article of the Queen waiting to enter a memorial service in the rain, because people who outranked her had shown up and therefore had to had to enter before her. Apparently Prince Phillip hadn't come with her, so she shifted down a few tiers for the day. In turn, if William is present with Kate, the roles in the hierarchy are reversed.

But a lot of people are seeing this as an affront to Kate, owing to the fact that she wasn't born a royal. There's still a certain group of people who call Kate and her sister Pippa "the wisteria sisters," after their perceived extravagance and social climbing. The fact that Kate now has to curtsy to her cousins-in-law could be seen as a major diss, even though she's a duchess herself.

What do you think, Lovelies? Do you support the Queen telling Kate to curtsey? Do you think it's fair?

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