Tea lovers may have some fast and fancy new beverage options on the horizon. It has been announced that coming this fall, Starbucks will be launching a new shop in Seattle. So what's the big deal? They won't be serving coffee: only tea.

For someone as obsessed with tea as myself, this is a dream come true. The store will sell 80 varieties of the Starbucks-owned Tazo tea (a personal favorite). You'll be able to order it hot, iced, or as a latte. There will even a tea blending station, for customers to create their own unique blend of tea.

For me, it sounds like the best idea ever, but are there enough tea drinkers in Seattle to keep it running? And, more importantly, are there enough tea drinkers in America to make this a nationwide chain? [via: time.com]

What do you think, Lovelies? Would you hit up this new tea shop? Or is there not enough coffee involved to satisfy your tastes?

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