Sometimes (often) strange and inexplicable things sublimate from the depths of the Internet. There are — apparently — tons of talented graphic designers with a lot of free time on their hands, and a similar sense of humor. The result? The meme "Nic Cage As Everyone." I mean sure, we saw his face on a bunch of cats earlier this week, but much like Steve's Buscem-eyes, Nicolas Cage appears to be just funny-looking enough to warrant rendering him on everyone from derpy E.T. (laughing so hard) to creepy Stewie from Family Guy. Take a look at this nonsense. 

Er ner! Erm herm Alern!

Why? Because. Reasons. His derpy face makes me laugh. I hope these are a great time killer for your Friday home-stretch. Check out my favorites in the gallery and a whole bunch more at the source.

Who do you think needs a Nic Cage makeover?