Having been born in 1991, I missed living in the '80s by just a few short years. Today, only at '80s-themed parties can I wear neon leg warmers and dance to Cyndi Lauper, letting my naturally curly, frizzy hair fly all over the place. Although big 80s hairdos are now a long-gone trend, the photographic evidence still remains. These pictures serve as proof that some of our favorite celebrities once rocked these crazy, hilarious, and unforgettable hairstyles.

It's hard to imagine celebs such as Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman as young adults of the 1980s. Fortunately, I've done some digging and found pretty great pictures of them, as well as of other celebrities, wearing some typical '80s hairdos from back in the day. While I was searching, I began to wonder what today's stars might look like if we still lived in the decade of bright colors and big hair. The red carpet would certainly be interesting, don't you think? The last six pictures in the gallery are of some of today's stars sporting the biggest and boldest of '80s hairstyles. Though they aren't real, I guarantee they'll still make you laugh!

Which 80s-style celebrity photo do you like best, Lovelies? Have any of you rocked big hairdos in the past?

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