Just more evidence that Adele's voice has magical powers.

Charlotte Neve is a 7-year-old girl who suffered from a brain hemorrhage back in mid-April, resulting in a coma. Doctors did all they could, but Charlotte had several more strokes and things were not looking good.

Doctors told her family, including her mother Leila, to say goodbye. As they were prepared their final moments with Charlotte, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" came on the radio. Leila starting singing along because she and Charlotte used to sing it together, and something amazing happened: Charlotte smiled. Leila says:

Charlotte started smiling, and I couldn't believe it. It was the first time she had reacted to anything since the hemorrhage. The nurses were astounded and told me to keep singing, and she smiled again. The nurses said it was like I 'unlocked her' and from that day she started getting better and better.

I love stories like this and am so happy for this little girl and her mom! What do you think of this amazing story?

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