To my vintage-loving dismay, no one really wears hats anymore. Sure, there's the bros with baseball caps and the occasional simple sun hat, but what happened to the days of wearing fascinators, turbans and snoods on a regular basis? Thankfully, I always have horse races to anticipate, where it's opposite world and a woman stands out if she's not wearing a hat. The Royal Ascot horse race was held in England this weekend, and the Brits turned out in some crazy headpieces, as they are wont to do. Check out some of the best ones here!

Most of these are pretty stellar (or at least eye-catching), but I can never say no to peacock feathers. I think the woman above has a nice mix of class and quirk in her hat. Though peacock feathers sometimes cloud my judgement, and I have been known to wear hideous dresses with the print on them.

Check out even more hats at the source! [via Buzzfeed]

What's your favorite hat here? Least favorite?