I don't smoke marijuana, but I do live in Austin, where it's almost strange to not be a pot smoker at my age. (I once worked at a nice retail job where the staff would discuss their drug use in front of customers, who didn't care! It was shocking, to say the least.) I've encountered a number of high folks in my day, and while I'm not condoning drug use, I will say that they often come up with great musings. Which is why I was in stitches from laughing at the new site "HighDEAS," where smokers can submit silly thoughts they've had. Read a few of the best ones here!

Am I crazy, or are some of these ideas actually really awesome? I mean, white chocolate milk. Brilliant. Head on over to the source to see more highdeas! [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of this site? Have you heard any funny "highdeas"?