Every little girl looks forward to her wedding day and fantasizes about picking out the most beautiful wedding gown, but never have I wanted to cause as much of a scene as a two-mile long bridal train would. How is that even possible, let alone practical?! 

Romanian design house, Andree Salon, was responsible for extravagant creation that encompasses a 1.85 mile-long train which set the world record. Taking 100 days to complete and requiring the work of about 10 seamstresses, this bridal gown is the most ridiculous I've ever seen. This 17 year old model wore it up in a hot air balloon over Bucharest, Romania's capital as part of Bucharest's 2012 Biannual Wedding fair in March. Usually I think models are lucky to have the luxury of modeling wedding gowns, but there's not way this could have been an easy task.

There are so many questions swirling around in my head about this one. It has to be just for show and not a serious gown for one to get married in, dance and have fun, right?

What are your thoughts on this over-the-top gown? 

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