The epic struggle: Pausing before devouring an amazing meal... to take a picture of it. I know I'm guilty of it. When something gorgeous is set before me — or better yet I cook something beautiful — I feel compelled to mark the moment. I have no idea why.

Well, the expected food-stagram is usually of something sort of uncommon, like a pricey gourmet meal you want to brag about. But there are plenty of people out there who think a fast food feast is pretty beautiful and worth documenting, too. And needless to say, Instagram's artsy filters could make your dog's kibbles look poignant and interesting, so take a look at some surprisingly artistic Instagrams of fast food below. 

It's been literally years since I've patronized a drive-thru fast food window, but I have to admit these photos are appetizing! Although, I would need a McDonald's fry like... five times that size (you might be able to put together the reasons I don't go to fast food restaurants, lack of self-control). Check out these delicious moments in fast food documentation in the gallery.

Are you a food-stagrammer?