It took me 24 years of my life to work up the courage to sing “Teenage Dirtbag” in a room full of drunk film geeks and I nailed it. Why had this instant addiction harnessed itself inside for so long? It should have been my calling from birth! I have no trace of a “singing” voice and a history of stage fright sweatfests, but my apprehension wore away like it never had a chance once I sang into that microphone. Now each session is filled with priceless antics, such as the mic battle with my BFF pictured above.

I could very well attend karaoke every Sunday for an uplifting start to the week (brunch after party, natch,) but I must always be sure to keep the group setting harmonious. Check out these useful tips to keep order in your disorderly boogies.

1. Don’t hog the song choices! My Salt-N-Pepa marathon can be postponed for karaoke city, population one. Pass the remote control along so the favorites are equally doled out.

2. Change up the genres. Old vs. new, country vs. hip-hop, Weird Al vs. Sarah McLachlan or BRANDY VS. MONICA!

3. Duets rule, but avoid group songs. This is more about respecting the vocal range of the song, but for entertainment purposes it will make you pee your pantaloons.

4. Ration the booze. We still have to get home after this, alright? You’re teetering the line of fun drunk / embarrassing drunk, and if the night continues we’ll all expect a fee for the impromptu babysitting gig. Hey, have this awesome glass of water. Yummaay.

5. Don’t heckle ANYONE, EVER! The golden rule of karaoke. It takes courage for the timid to put their imperfect vocals on display. That’s what took me a lifetime and I’m thankful my onlookers cheered me on and praised my debut.

Follow my words of wisdom and your group can sing along in peace and harmony with a dominating side of debauchery. If you’re a karaoke virgin, leave your hesitation at the door and kick back for some guaranteed bliss. This is a judgment-free blast!

Do you enjoy karaoke? What are your favorite songs to sing?

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