To some, a dress code barring "shoulders, undergarments, midriffs and lower backs" might seem reasonable. But for students at New York's Stuyvesant High School, it was a reason to protest. But instead of fighting back through petitions or more traditional methods, students opted for a more scandalous (and less modest) way to express their disapproval.

When Stuyvesant enacted the new dress code, the idea for a movement called "Slutty Wednesday" was born. And it's probably exactly what you'd expect. About 100 students came to school wearing dress-code-breaking garb such as short shorts, midriff-bearing tops and offensive shirts. "We work our asses off here, and school is about learning," one student said. "Clothing is not important."

But school officials seem to think so. "Some things are a distraction," Principal Stanley Teitel said of the dress code. "And we don't need to distract students from what is supposed to be going on here, which is learning." Students also passed out flyers that read, "Redress the dress code." When asked if the protest was effective, one student responded, "I hope so, I think so." [via Gawker]

What do you think of this protest?

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