Sunscreen definitely protects us from the sun's harmful rays. So what is making Brett Sigworth so angry that he's pledged to warn the word of the dangers of sunscreen? Maybe it's the fact that it made him catch on fire.

Brett Sigworth of Stow, Massachusetts, was grilling at his lake house and had just reapplied his sunscreen before going back to mix his charcoal briquettes when suddenly, the line of sunscreen on his body lit up. Now Sigworth is trying to warn others about the "dangers of sunscreen." Personally, I think this is less of a result of sunscreen being dangerous, and more of a case of thoughtless actions. I think it was fairly careless of him to apply sunscreen and go straight back to his grill.

Sigworth argues that nowhere on the can does it say that sunscreen is still flammable after it's applied to skin. But I think you need to be a little brainless to not even wait until your sunscreen is dry before going over to fire. I obviously feel bad for him, as he got second degree burns on a pretty large area on his body.

Banana Boat, the maker of the sunscreen, is going to be investigating the issue. Til then, I suggest lathering up on the lotion and steering clear of any fires that may be around you.

Lovelies, do you think this is a case of bad luck or is wearing sunscreen really bad for you?