While most women are constantly trying to shed pounds, 33-year-old Susanne Eman is attempting to become the world's largest bride. Right now, Eman currently weighs in at 800 pounds...but she hopes to make it to 1,600 by her wedding day. Is this nuts, or should every bride be able to do what she wants for her ideal wedding figure? Read more about Eman and watch a news story on her here!

To try and get to her goal weight, Susanne has an extensive diet. While some folks stick to boring-but-cute toast, she dines on, "an enormous breakfast of pancakes, Belgian waffles, hash browns, sausage links, steak, and a giant 12-egg omelette." Eman is eating a total of 30,000 calories a day to meet the 1,600 pound mark. Her wedding dress size will be size XXXXXXXXXL, and will also require over 45 yards of fabric. You can watch an interview with Susanne here:

Both Eman and her husband seem overjoyed about both the wedding and her weight gain. But the rest of the world is lashing back, and the majority of people are viewing her decision as a foolish, unhealthy one. What do you think? [via The Gloss]

Is Eman's goal good or bad? Should it be socially acceptable for her to gain weight if she wants to?