Once in awhile, I try on a piece of clothing that fits great, but the color is just wrong. I can’t quite figure out why, but some colors are just not meant to be worn by me. For example, yellow and peach just wash me out and always look terrible. No matter what article of clothing I wear, those colors are just consistently unflattering. As it turns out, this happens to everyone. For every individual’s coloring, there is a palette of shades that will look absolutely fantastic, and some colors that just won’t work. But how do you figure out which colors look best on you?

To figure out your most flattering hues, you need to consider your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. The combination of these factors will determine what your “season” is (spring, summer, autumn, or winter). With every season, there is a variety of shades that will look best. Read on to learn more about each season and figure out which one is right for you. After determining which colors are yours, take the list next time you go shopping. It’s definitely worth the time!

Winter: Those of winter coloring have a cool skin tone. You likely have dark hair, any color eyes (hazel, brown, blue, green, gray), and your skin has a cool blue undertone (likely pale white, yellowish-olive, or dark). How do you determine your skin’s undertone? Take a look at the veins on the underside of your forearm. If they have a bluish tint, it indicates that you have cool undertones. You also have pink cheeks and are likely to burn easily in the sun. Winter people can pull of jet-black or bright white, as well as any vivid colors (light or dark). Silver jewelry looks better than gold. Take a look at the above chart for more color ideas!

Spring: If you’re a spring, you likely have light-colored hair (pale blonde, strawberry blonde, medium reddish-brown), light blue or brown eyes, and a warm skin tone with yellow undertones. Examples of spring skin tones include pale peach, light beige, or golden brown. Because of this natural yellow coloring, you will look best in clothes with yellow undertones in them. Try to stay away from dark or dull colors or black and white. Instead, lean towards medium-to-light hues. Peach looks great on you, especially near the face!

Summer: Those with a summer skin tone are typically blonde, but some may have very light brown hair. Summers also typically have light-colored or soft brown eyes and pale, delicate coloring with blue undertones. These people should avoid black, orange, or earthy colors and instead wear dusty colors in blue or rose tones. Pastels and soft colors also look great on summers.

Autumn: If you have golden undertones in your skin, you are likely an Autumn, the skin tones of which can include peach, golden beige, or pale with many freckles. Though the hair color for this palette can range from blonde to dark brown, it likely includes reddish highlights. Autumns typically have any shade of brown eyes, but in some cases can be green or hazel. They look their best in warm, rich, and earthy colors, and should avoid bright colors and pastels.

What is your season, Lovelies? I’m a winter!

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