The 2012 Miss USA pageant was held over the weekend, and while many candidates are thrown off by their final questions, Miss Rhode Island, 20-year-old Olivia Culpo wowed the audience and the judges with her progressive views on transgender pageant candidates. Then, she won the crown. Is this a landmark moment for America? Check out the video below. 

Sure, one day this won't be news, and I personally look forward to that. But these days, especially with something with as long a legacy as the Miss USA pageant, to not only see a candidate say that a transgender winner would be okay by her, but to also have the audience give her an overwhelmingly positive response is pretty remarkable. After all, the position of Miss America is, by design, an ambassador. Most sources are collectively assuming that her crowning had some to do with her entire performance, but mostly to do with her response to this question.

What do you think of Miss Rhode Island's response?

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