Kanye West is a wacky dude. He is infamous for saying some pretty silly things, and lucky for us, he says most of it on Twitter. Now you can display your favorite Kanye tweet forever and ever (my fave is pictured above...I mean, seriously, what are you talking about Kanye?! LOL).

Some wonderful person decided to immortalize Kanye West's best tweets with embroidery and sell them on Etsy! I am forever grateful to this granny-crafting genius for bringing this kind of hilarity to the textile arts. It totally inspires me to do a little embroidery of my own (maybe some of Rihanna's tweets or maybe, just maybe, ghettohikes)

Check out some more hilarious embroidered Kanye tweets below.

Are there any Twitters that always make you laugh out loud?

[via buzzfeed]