Madonna has never been an artist to shy away from controversy, and, actually, she's usually creating it. From the "Like a Prayer" video to her "Sex" book, Madge has been making conservatives (and even some liberal-minded people) clutch their pearls for years. But is she about to appall everyone by using Nazi imagery on her tour?

Madonna started her world tour in Tel Aviv last night, and shocked audiences with the visuals seen above. A screen projected an image of the singer with a Hitler mustache and swastika on her forehead, while iron crosses (symbols of the Third Reich) waved beside her. The imagery was only onscreen for a moment, and some are saying it was fine within the context of the song. Others, however, say she shouldn't have used it, context or not. Watch the video and decide for yourself!

[via ONTD!]

Did Madonna finally go too far?