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11 Photos Of Babies With Mid-Meal Sleepies

What’s the funniest thing to me about babies falling asleep while eating? The fact that I have seen the elderly do the exact same thing. One of the many things in life that comes full circle, the mid-meal sleepies. I look forward to having children, mainly because of all the embarrassing photo opportunities. My kids […]

Little Girls Narrate The Worst Haircut Ever

I’m not sure where it comes from, but for some reason little kids like to try to cut each others’ hair. As a hairdresser, I end up fixing little kid at home haircuts more often than you’d think. So when a friend of mine insisted that I listen to this interview, I knew it was […]

3 Great Fourth of July Sales!

Who doesn’t love a good sale?

5 Must-See Summer Indie Films

Summer cinema is usually shrouded in blockbusters every year, but there are quite a few hidden gems that aren’t dominating the ad space on your laptops or televisions. If you’re not a action buff, never fear! This summer has plenty to offer in the independent sector, full of quirk, style and powerful messages. Here are […]

Hit or Miss: Mandy Moore’s All-White Outfit

Mandy Moore appeared at the Women Who Should Be Famous event, wearing this super neutral suit jacket and capri pants ensemble. She completed the look with tan heels and a white undershirt.

3 Easy DIY Facials To Soothe Summer Heat

Holy frijoles, it’s hot out there! The majority of the country is being ambushed by the sweltering sun, debilitating our every move. I step outside in the morning and my body instantly breaks a sweat and is overcome with ickiness. The cute glow of summer has its literal boiling point, and my state of Texas […]

7 Terrifying Beauty Treatments from the Past

What were makeup and beauty products like hundreds of years ago? I always imaged something silly, like using berries instead of lipstick. But there was actually a lot of really weird stuff going on in historic cosmetics, and a lot of it was really dangerous. I’m not talking about Botox: I’m talking about the stuff […]

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