Now that the Twilight movie franchise is almost gone, tweens everywhere will be left without Stephanie Myers' works to watch on the big screen. Not to fret, however, because her book about love, adventure and aliens will eventually be coming to theaters near you. Watch the trailer for "The Host" here, check out some behind-the-scenes footage, and let us know if you'll be seeing it!

While I'm sure we can expect plenty of romance and teenage drama, this does look a bit more action packed and less lovey-dovey than the Twilight series. And the premise of "aliens that take over peoples' bodies" sounds a bit more intriguing than "sparkle vampires in high school." While I won't be in the seats opening night, I probably won't object if my friends want to rent The Host some night. [via io9]

Will you be seeing The Host? How does it look compared to Twilight?

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