When I saw Fashionista‘s recent post about how overalls are coming back in style, I shrugged it off as the product of a slow news weekend. Sure, some people can pull off the look, but I hadn’t encountered it since middle school. And then I went to a BBQ yesterday, where the fashion star of the day was a woman decked out in…you guessed it, overalls. Guys and girls alike commented positively on them, and a number of my gal friends expressed plans to go buy some this week. Perhaps I was wrong; could overalls be making a comeback? Check out our gallery and let us know!

If any of these looks catch your eye (and you have lots of money), head on over to Fashionista‘s original post to find where to nab them, or to just see some more examples of the trend. I don’t know that overalls would look good on me, but I am interested to see others’ twists on the look!

What do you think of the overalls trend? Would you wear it?

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