Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg surprised the world earlier this week by announcing his marriage to Priscilla Chan on the social network. And with a secret engagement and wedding, it's not surprising that we're only now seeing her ring. Click here to see Priscilla's unusual choice of stone, and hear why people are critiquing it!

Chan was spotted out and about with her new band, and it seems to be a ruby piece that allegedly cost about $25,000:

While many women have a say in choosing their engagement ring (especially if it's a non-traditional stone), and I'm sure that this was what Chan wanted, people are up in arms about the price. Commentators are calling Zuckerberg "stingy" for only spending $25,000 on the ring when he's worth $19 billion, and people seem to think that Priscilla was "robbed." While it isn't known if Priscilla picked out the ring herself, I imagine for a billionaire to buy such a "cheap" one, she would have had to. I'm hope the couple is very happy, flashy bling or not! [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of the ring?

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