Most of us have heard the song, “Call Me Maybe” at least a time or two.
Well although the singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, dresses like she’s in her teens, her age may surprise you. 

The Canadian-born singer may look like a teen, but she is actually 26-years-old.  I automatically thought that Carly was about 17. I think that maybe she always wanted to be a teen pop star, but it just never happened in her teens.  She has a great voice, but I think she would still be able to get a large following while looking and acting more her age.

Just for a comparison, here are some other celebs who are the same age: Lady Gaga, Leighton Meester, Megan Fox, Bar Refaeli, Mischa Barton and Irina Shayk. Check out the gallery to see her tween-inspired clothing choices for the past couple months.

Some of her outfits just scream tween! When I looked at her outfits without looking at her face, I really thought it was a teen girl. Her clothes kind of reminded me of Carly from iCarly. But when I took a glimpse at her face, I was surprised to see such a more mature look.

Is anyone else surprised that Carly is well out of her teen years?

[via Huffington Post]