Lolo Jones is 29, single, an Olympic hurdler...and a virgin. Jones, who is a devout Christian, recently announced her virginity to the Twitterverse, and later stated that staying one was even harder than training for the Olympics. But just because Lolo is chaste doesn't mean she's boring; her Twitter account is rife with hilarious, self-deprecating Tweets and observations about the single life. Read a few of them here, and don't be surprised if you become a fan (even if sports aren't your thing).

Based on these Tweets, I think Buzzfeed is spot-on in calling Lolo "the Olympian version of Liz Lemon." As a single lady I particularly appreciate them, especially the ones about eating and watching TV alone. I'm kind of a pro when it comes to those might say that I'm Olympian at them! Sorry, folks, that was a bad joke. I'll leave it to Lolo to make humorous single lady observations. [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of Lolo's Tweets?

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