The Glee star and diva of the red carpet has a not-so-secret family tradition. Lea Michele appeared on David Letterman last night and revealed that she and her "big Italian family" get tattoos together in a sentimental way — and that she's accumulated 14 in "secret spots." Check out the video of the interview below, and a gallery of the tattoos we can see! 

Much like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, Lea collects tiny tattoos that aren't immediately apparent in all pictures. She says, though, that she's done getting them because she's used up all of her real estate. It appears that tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable, and while my big Italian family don't approve of my tattoos, I think it's a cool tradition for Lea and her family. Check out the gallery to see 10 of the 14 she has. Tracking them down is difficult, but I guess that's the idea!

Are you surprised that Lea Michele has so many tattoos? 

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