I have a soft spot for imaginative products and ideas. I follow blogs and Pinterest boards all the time that collect objects together that are surprising and strange. The best part about this corner of the industry is that designers are always trying to outdo one another. One novelty becomes the springboard for a hundred more. Here are some of my favorites I've stumbled upon recently — maybe they're new to you, too! 

I love the delicacy of this shark's jaw gold ring. I wish I'd thought of it!

Geode Rug. So. Cool.

Sandwich Tent. I've always wanted to live in a sandwich. Not really but this is phenomenal.

Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers. These are brilliant and humorous.

This dresser is made to look like a wood pile. Not for everyone, but definitely charming.

A pretzel pool float happens to look quite comfortable. Link.

DIY your own "Book Bag". Instructions here.

I'm a sucker for a good optical illusion, and these products put a witty touch on the everyday.

Did you find any of these surprising or interesting?