There are plenty of childhood memories that I hold dear. Afternoons watching Nickelodeon, Saturdays playing Pokemon and evenings watching The Simpsons are a few simple recollections that still mean lots to me. However, with the advent of the Internet, conceptions I'd had about these innocuous pastimes can evidently be rethought. Buzzfeed has an extensive list of things from childhood that you "can never unsee," and I have to admit that some of them are slightly disturbing. Check out a gallery here, and let us know if any of your perceptions were altered!

OK, well, my mind has been officially blown several times today. And I suppose I will never look at Ryan Gosling in the same way again, which is quite unfortunate. Nonetheless, I will still view my childhood staples in a positive light, even if it means overlooking that scandalous Lion King poster. Head over to the source for more second looks at childhood memories! [via Buzzfeed]

Did any of these images surprise you? Have you ever re-evaluated something from your childhood?