Middle school: hands down the most awkward time of my life. But you know what? That's what middle school is for, shaking out all your embarrassing moments in one long go. And as middle school students (high school, too, I can't lie) we do this amazing thing — we write down everything that's going on in intimate detail to a friend on a piece of notebook paper because we're so stinkin' bored, and then all those thoughts are all but immortal. Well, one teacher posted a bunch that were collected over the course of her career, and the results might make you cringe with nostalgia. Take a look.

I'm guessing since this was part of the original submission that this was actually a total lie. I'm sure some kids' parents don't write well in English, but Mrs. Miller saw straight through this one. Gotta get clever, kid. I had my mom's lefty-cursive mastered by seventh grade. Ah, such a delinquent. Check out the rest and let your childhood imagination run wild in the gallery. Check out a couple more at the source.

Did you ever get caught passing notes in school?