I am definitely not a winter person. The combination of having to wear bulky jackets, hats, gloves and scarves every time I step outside and how dangerous the roads become after one snowfall deter me from doing anything remotely interesting besides sipping hot chocolate on the couch.

Something about living at the Jersey shore and always being outside in the summer makes winter feel like such a drag, especially when my boyfriend and I are desperately trying to come with somewhere to go and something fun to do.  

Now that the harsh winter weather has subsided, and spring and summer have given way to sunshine, cool breezes and colorful foliage, it's time to get off the couch and spend time with your partner doing more entertaining things than staying in and cuddling up with a movie (although this is always a fail-safe!). 

These are the top 10 things I love to do in the summer with my boyfriend. How about you, Lovelies? 

10. Go to a concert 

9. Relax on the beach 

8. Host a barbecue together


7. Go to a water park

6. Go out for ice cream

5. Plan a relaxing weekend getaway 

4. (Attempt to) fly a kite

3. Organize a scavenger hunt

2. Rent or borrow a friend's jetski 

1. Have a picnic with each other's favorite foods

What do you and your partner do to make summer fun?

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