A new, San Francisco-based website has emerged, making buying and selling used clothing even easier than before. This site, Threadflip, takes this task to a whole new level in service and community.  

Each user is distinguished by a profile and link to their Facebook account, making every transaction more personal than on a site like Ebay or Amazon. This makes it easier for beginning designers to promote and sell their own wares, along with used fashion items.

And Threadflip makes it easy to sell your old clothes — if you opt for the White Glove service, they’ll photograph, price, and sell your clothes, and after taking 45%, send you the rest of your earnings. (The charge a 15% transaction fee if you do the listing yourself.) No matter which route you take, Threadflip will send you a pre-labled box, and the buyer will pay for shipping, making it easier than ever to ship off your clothes.

The design of Threadflip is elegant and simple, making it easy to browse and shop — unless, of course, you have something specific in mind. There is no way to search for any exact item, and the ‘clothing’ section is all mixed together, with no division between dresses, pants, shirts, etc. This makes the site great for window-shopping, but terrible for direct searches.

Even with its flaws, Threadflip seems to be one of a few sites breaking into this new world of online resale shops, and really, on the end of the seller, seems to be simpler and more convenient than sites like Ebay.

What do you think, Lovelies? Would you use a site like this to sell your old clothes?

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