Yes, I know tanning is horrible for me. But my natural skin color is so white that my legs look purple in bright light. I'm not the most vain person on the planet, and you'll see me makeup-less in public more often than not. But purple legs are where I draw the beauty line. They make me insecure enough to hit up the tanning booth on occasion, for at least a touch of color. (I also tan with my face and hands covered, for what it's worth.) I do wish, however, that I was one of those beautifully pale women whose white skin lends to a mysterious, romantic look. It seems that much of Hollywood, who once glorified nothing but sun-kissed starlets, is starting to agree with me, because the number of pale women on the red carpet is definitely increasing. 

Every one of these women makes me want to go running away from anything that gives me color, be it the sun, tanning bed or lotions. Alas, you can't always get what you want, and I cannot have a nice shade of pale skin. While I may forgo the tanning bed for safe (albeit messy) sunless tanners, I'll never stop adding a touch of color to my figure. For these ladies, though, being pale is the way to go. Check out the source for some more pale movie stars, and to see them compared with tan celebrities. [via Buzzfeed]

Do you prefer being pale or tan?

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